Tuesady 21 March


Thriving on quality house music from the late 80’s to current date the energy and vibe of Adam’s DJ style is influenced by his love for early US and Acid house and inspired by trips to house music meccas such Robert Johnson and Body & Soul NYC.

“Tracks I hope you can imagine doing something nice to a warehouse party if you have not played them before or come across them in the past. 10 warehouse tracks…”

Warehouse 1: Scan 7 – 21st Century.

“Just the name alone pulls you in.”

Warehouse 2: Alien FM – Infinity (Optic Nerve RMX).

“Anything to do with Keith Tucker and I’m in! This is cool for the early hours, when you can really hear the system at its clear point, the separation of the sounds in this is so tight, imagine this at 7am. Special.”

Warehouse 3: This Side Up – Love Starts With An L

“Killer track on stealth records from the early 90’s, this was a great example of a bargain, I paid around £3 for this record and for me this is pure timeless deep house before that was even a genre.”

Warehouse 4: Stojche – Radical Measure

“Warehouse party, daylight comes in… It’s all over when you play this! Its one of my favourite tracks of late from Stojche, pure class brought to you from Alex Arnout and Darren Nunes’s DMK label.”

Warehouse 5: Planetary Assault Systems – Gated

“One of those tracks the guy that is running the sound system and has been since the early warehouse days looks at you with approval.”

Warehouse 6: Deep Space Orchestra – Hold Me Back – Paranoid London Remix

“In an ideal world it would be hearing this straight from paranoid London themselves live at a warehouse party, Green laser on!”

Warehouse 7: The Children – Freedom (Factory Mix)

“One of my favourite Adonis productions, the message is the reason we go to warehouse parties.”

Warehouse 8: Coco, Steel and Lovebomb – Feel It

“Any track or edit with this vocal works in a warehouse, but none have those drops that kicks it like this, a timeless track that makes me think of raving and only that.”

Warehouse 9: Planetary Assault Systems – Return

“Two words. Real Deal.”


“I wanted to end on a classic warehouse jam. I’m sure this was made with warehouse parties in mind. This came out the year I started going to proper parties.”

Adam will be joining us at Printworks London for Luciano & Friends this April. Tickets are still available via the website.

Check out the forthcoming split release on One Records from both labels bosses Adam Shelton and Subb-an. Pre-sales now available via Juno.