Names added for New Years Eve at Printworks 🗓

Tuesday 07 November

Joining MK & Co, and completing our Printworks NYE line-up, we have a pair of acts united in that both are champions of the underground yet both have enjoyed mainstream success.

Route 94 is the fourth and final name playing the Press Halls. Growing-up in London, Rowan Jones’ palette was influenced by the genres of his urban surroundings. A true student of the game, he’s been making music since age 13. It was as a dubstep producer that he plyed his trade in his earlier years. But it was hours spent on the dancefloor in the city’s club scene which fostered a love of house music. And Route 94 was born. By 2014 he had already scored a UK No1 with ‘My Love’. It was a pivotal moment. Pop-stardom was a reality. But Route 94 headed back into the studio and back underground. Commercial success had opened up avenues. But instead of bright arenas and screaming teens, his heart lay in the sub-culture of sweaty basements. Printworks might just provide the kind of grandiose setting which borrows the best elements of both those worlds: cavernous with big production, yet dark, industrial and under the radar of pop culture.

In similar respect, Ibiza Voice’s Special Guest in the Charge Bay – Secondcity – knows a thing or two about chart success. 2014’s cross-over hit ‘I Wanna Feel’ introduced him to a wider-audience, and his popularity soared. But much like Route 94, he shunned the spotlight to keep things real. UK-born, but raised Stateside in Chicago, it was the influences of both these backgrounds that directed Secondcity to a career in house music. The pan-Atlantic is truly a product of his environments. Nowadays more likely to be found releasing on Saved and Dirtybird than breaching the charts. But that’s how we like it.

Printworks scoops five prestigious awards 🗓

Monday 06 November

After an incredible year of extraordinary moments, we’re delighted to share that Printworks London has scooped five prestigious industry awards. At the illustrious Event Awards, we were crowned Best New Event Space. Additionally, at the London Venue Awards the team were honoured to win Best New Venue and Best Venue over 1000 attendees. Printworks was also awarded a special silver prize as the Most Versatile Venue with a capacity over 1000. At the newly established Hire Space Awards, Printworks proudly claimed their anticipated Best Newcomer award.

Since emerging on the London events scene, our visionary team have passionately carved a truly unique curation of events, disrupting the possibilities of the industry. We were pitted against some highly successful venues and we’re pleased that our team and partner’s dedicated approach has now received outstanding recognition.

Printworks London is a proud creation of Venue Lab; Tarek Gjonnes, Managing Director of the venue portfolio expressed “I couldn’t be prouder of the talented Printworks team. Their creativity, devotion and drive creates Printworks’ inspiring culture and it’s brilliant that their skill is recognised in winning these Awards. It’s a truly exciting time for us here at Venue Lab with us having unprecedented success across our venues. At the heart of everything we do is our people. Venue Lab is growing every day and our people are what make us thrive.”

We’re thankful to all the brands, stakeholders and clients who have helped propel the legacy of Printworks’ innovatory space. As part of the Vibration Group, Printworks are integrated with some of the industry’s best-in-class event service businesses, enabling us to transform our capacious space into a diverse array of experiences.

Collaborating with Broadwick Live to carve a genre-spanning entertainment and music series, Printworks continually proves its worth as a creative landmark. We believe our versatile venue is ripe for shaping a new breed of cultural activity and we’re proud to share our sustainable development with the local Canada Water community and London at large. Our unique relationship with site owners, British Land, positions us to create a valuable destination for all.

We’ve enjoyed bringing event visions to life, from London Fashion Week shows to television productions, corporate away-days, brand activations, immersive theatre and large-scale festivals. We’re excited to build on our success and share everything we have in the pipeline with London in 2018.