Monday 16 January

L’Acoustics: A state of the art sound system for Printworks. πŸ—“

Since its inception over 30 years ago, L’Acoustics has been providing the world with innovative sound quality deriving from sound engineers that have mastered their craft meticulously. Whether it be installations in theatres, convention centres, sporting arenas, amusement parks or recently collaborating with the Winter Olympic Game ceremonies in Sochi – attending a venue fitted with L’Acoustic is sure to make the hairs on one’s neck stand to attention.

The products speak for themselves. The carefully curated K2 is the lightest in its class, delivering quality to whatever the sound setting may be. With integrated rigging compatible with K1 and the entire K System, technicians the world over seek out K2 for its lightning fast set up. It can be deployed as a complement to K1 or as a standalone system for events or installations with audiences of up to 20,000, without sacrificing power.

Lightest in its class, K2 can be flown even under the most stringent rigging limitations. With the exclusive L-Acoustics Panflex adjustable horizontal directivity, K2 focuses sound coverage on the audience only, handily addressing the most challenging acoustic environments or noise pollution issues for outdoor events.

Previous successes have left music lovers craving more, setting a reputation unparalleled across the capital. L’Acoustic have prestigiously enriched venues such as Tobacco Dock, the Grade 1 listed warehouse in the Docklands area by leaving distinct impressions with their quality. L’Acoustics made it’s partying debut last year at Junction 2. Known for their clarity, punchiness and organic sound, they’ll provide the heartbeat for Junction 2 this year too; equipping the unique bridge setting with the distinguished L’Acoustic sound. Only this calibre is acceptable, with new comers being introduced to a revolution in audio experience.