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Printworks London offers raw industrial features, vast spaces, atmospheric shadows and urban interiors to create stunning audio-visual effects.

Offering boundless inspiration for creative minds, filming can take place across 11,074 sq. m of limitless locations. The site also offers an additional 3,716 sq. m of outdoor space to accommodate both filming and unit bases.

The Printworks team also manage Dockside; a private car park  ideal for large unit bases. The site is located next to Canada Water station in a sought-after central location around the corner from Printworks.

Popular with feature filmmakers, television producers, commercial advertisers and music-video producers, Printworks offers a wide-range of facilities and benefits:

Power: As a former printing facility, Printworks offers an abundance of 3-phase power.

Rigging: With high ceilings and expansive floor-space, crews have wide-birth to rig all the equipment needed for a seamless filming process.

Direct Vehicle Access: The venue benefits from large industrial shutter doors, once used by newspaper deliverymen. Today, this provides ease of loading for articulated lorries to deliver equipment, staging and production supplies directly into the venue. What’s more, these unique doors are aesthetically inspiring in themselves; many have been used as backdrops for feature film and TV productions.

Green Rooms: The venue offers a number of smaller rooms that can be utilised as green rooms.

Gated Security: Printworks is a 6-acre private gated site with 24-hour security at the front gate.

6-Acre Site: The site offers 11,074 sq. m of indoor and 3,716 sq. m of outdoor space.

Multiple Spaces: Various sized warehouses and areas all under one roof for ease. 

In-house Production: Our production team have years of working with film and television makers. Their expert knowledge can complete any vision and accommodate complex needs. From lighting to design, install to get-out, our team have every production requirement covered.

VIP Dressing Room: The site offers 4 newly-designed VIP dressing rooms that channel Scandinavian interiors.

Production Offices: Printworks can also offer long and short-term hire of on-site office space.

Unit Base Parking: Productions can base on-site at Printworks.

Prime Location: Printworks has direct access to major stations, landmarks, airport links and business centres in London. The site is a 5-minute walk from Canada Water Station, and only a 5-minute drive to London Bridge.

Printworks makes an ideal location for bringing creative visions to life.

Conference PACKAGES & Awards Dinner Packages 🗓

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Conference Packages & Awards Dinner Packages

Printworks London spans over six acres of beautifully urban space, creating the ultimate blank canvas. But without a whole production team behind you, it’s not always easy to know how to organise your event. That’s why we’re introducing new Printworks packages.

These fully customisable packages give you the tools you need to hold the event of a lifetime. Each option includes the exclusive hire of one of our iconic event rooms, as well as AV equipment, venue staffing and a whole host of optional add-ons.

Got a large-scale business event coming up? The Conference Package allows you to hold an unforgettable expo, with space for 300 up to 2000 delegates. Our experience production team work with you to implement your vision and create a conference your guests will love. And with a choice of food and drinks packages from our fantastic catering partners, we’ll make sure your event is a hit.

For something truly special, choose our Awards & Dinner Package. With a dedicated reception area, a state-of-the-art lighting rig and space for up to 1200 dinner guests, this package has everything you need to create a memorable night. Whether you want black tie and a three-course meal or cocktails and canapés, our outstanding catering partners are on-hand to provide a mouth-watering feast. And with an optional after-party hire and a 2am license, you can keep the fun going well into the night.

Whatever your occasion, the Printworks team are here to make your vision a reality. Get in touch today to see how we can help you transform your next event.

For more details enquire with the team at or on 02084984934

In Conversation with the London Sinfonietta’s Tansy Davies and Nick Drake 🗓

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Tuesday 19th June

In Conversation with the London Sinfonietta’s Tansy Davies and Nick Drake

The London Sinfonietta’s composer Tansy Davies and libretto Nick Drake have created a site-specific immersive opera at Printworks London. Taking place from Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd June, the performance promises to offer a groundbreaking look at a grieving father’s quest to connect with his lost daughter. We caught up with Nick and Tansy to discover more: 

Cave is set in an underworld of spirits.  You’re clearly interested in the limits between reality and non-reality. How much does Cave play with this notion of liminality?

Tansy: Cave is about Skin. The skin between life and death, the skin between humans and animals, the relationship between father and daughter. The cave goes through several phases of being imagined by the father whose lost his daughter and he’s remembering her. There’s a sense of things being apparently there, but not there. Half-there you might say.

Cave is also about the relationship we have with nature. The performance isn’t just about grief and loss. It’s about gaining through wisdom. In Cave we discover a portal into an ancient belief-system where humans understood life through interacting with nature much more. Caves were traditionally a place to seek survival, to solve problems and talk to nature. It’s a very positive message.

Did you choose Printworks as your venue because it reflected an ‘otherworldly’ parallel space?

Tansy: Printworks works well due to its vast sense of history. There’s been an activity in the space that has now past. It’s inhabited in a different way now. It’s grown a different skin. It’s like an urban cave. We’re trying to recreate a sense of a womb-like space- where the audience and performer come together to experience something intimate.

Nick: Printworks’ urban architecture is a beautiful context for what we’re trying to do.

Your main character in Cave is a Shamanic figure.  What role did Printworks play in the narrative set-up of someone who is caught between the margins?

Nick: He is a shamanic figure but he’s also a father who has come to this place because it’s very meaningful. He’s come out of a world that has been pretty much destroyed by what we now call Climate Change. So he’s also mourning the loss of nature. He’s come to this space because it’s the last place that meant a lot to both him and his daughter. He’s trying to bring her back for a moment. This place is a sacred place; a place of magic. It’s a place where the skin of the building speaks of ghosts and spirits. It’s perfect for us.

Cave builds connections between the characters and their environment. How well does Printworks work as a venue for performers to interact with the space?

Tansy: It’s a very suggestive space- it has a sense of a Cathedral in its dimensions. The acoustics are so good- it’s to die for really. It’s one of the best acoustics I’ve heard. So that’s the wonderful way that musicians will enjoy interacting with the venue.

Nick: It’s a very unusual thing for an audience to enter into a space like this. For our audience to come from the outside world and then find themselves in a dark cavernous space, it’s a brilliant situation for them to understand the cave context.

Fundamental to Cave are its live acoustics. How different do these sound in Printworks as opposed to a traditional venue such as a grand opera house or concert hall?

Tansy: Every performance space is difference. Every room is an instrument. You’re always playing a duet with the space. Printworks is entirely different to the rehearsal space. It’s soft yet very clear.

In an industrial-canvas like Printworks, how easy was it to transform the venue with your audio-visuals?

Nick: It works beautifully with a mix of live instruments and electronics. In terms of the look, the designer’s didn’t need to intervene with Printworks’ natural aesthetic very much. The building is the essence of the design. The performance area hums with the power of the building.

As an immersive opera being created by a whole Royal Opera team, Cave is clearly breaking ground. Is Printworks a space that is ripe for experimentation?

Tansy: It’s perfect for the piece. It’s a very flexible space that could be used in lots of different ways.

Nick: It’s great to experiment with opera and to take it away from traditional venues where you have a very defined audience. Taking away from those traditional environments and into Printworks allows the relationship between audience and performers to be more powerful and more intimate.

How did you find the logistics of putting on an immersive performance piece in a warehouse environment rather than a traditional theatre?

Tansy: It’s been very easy getting in and out of this space. Everyone here has been extremely helpful

Fuso E-Canter Launch Event 🗓

Monday 30 April

Predicting the future isn’t always easy. Not for Fuso London. Launching the world’s first fully electric-powered light truck at Printworks London, they revealed how utopian innovation can become concrete reality.

VIPs, media and industry experts enjoyed a first-look at the all-electric 7.5 tonne truck, the eCanter. As guests gathered in Printworks’ Vanway for the big-reveal, MD of Mercedes Benz and Fuso Trucks UK, Mike Belk spoke of Fuso’s ambition to participate in the active reduction of harmful pollutants. DPD, Hovis and Wincanton took delivery of the trucks, acting as early-adopters to showcase the eCanter in action. In one awe-inspiring moment, the trucks drove into Vanway, running through the dual presentation screens and down an aisle between the audience. Heightening the impactful scene, a live violinist accompanied the big reveal.

Potential customers and traders were offered the opportunity to test-drive the trucks for themselves. Trialling the eCanter in Printworks’ outdoor grounds, guests could envision the electric journeys of the future.

Printworks’ Publishing space offered an opportunity to take another look at the trucks in a detailed expo. With food and drink supplied by preferred partners Moving Venue, invitees could take time to discuss an exciting time of industry developments. Printworks’ vast industrial interiors became an ideal backdrop for taking-in eCanter’s innovative design in more detail.

Enquire now: or 020 8498 4934