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Printworks London is comprised of over six acres of raw, urban space. With original industrial features and state-of-the-art lighting, the venue became the electric backdrop for Plan B’s latest music video, ‘Wait So Long’.

The video saw Printworks London transformed into a utopian paradise. It shows a future where people use VR technology to transport their minds into a parallel universe, which was depicted in our iconic Press Halls. In this universe, everyone was free to delve into their deepest desires, with the old becoming young, the awkward becoming brave, the artificial becoming real.

The universe is one enormous and fantastical party, bringing The Press Halls to life. The space became filled with people, with dazzling lighting effects and a huge stage for Plan B himself to perform on. The video taps into that core human desire to be the best version of ourselves, with Printworks acting as the stage for one of the biggest, brightest parties of all time.

We all love a touch of escapism. Whether it’s a good book, a weekend away or a kick-ass party, it’s fun to lose touch with reality for a while. And with our new Dystopian Christmas Package, you can do just that.

Inspired by Plan B’s beautifully bizarre video, Printworks are giving everyone the chance to discover their own dystopian universe. This festive package gives you everything you need to throw the ultimate Christmas party, with Dystopian Dream theming, lighting rigs and branded gobo projection. Complete with immersive entertainment and a DJ, your guests can discover the unknown within the safety of our enormous soundproofed rooms.

Printworks is a favourite for festive parties and Christmas dinners, so there are very few December dates left.

Don’t miss out – book your own Dystopian Dream today.

Download Christmas Packages 2018 here.