Tuesday 03 January

Max Cooper: Five tracks that remind me of London. πŸ—“

Max Cooper has carved out a unique position for himself as an artist interested in curating multi-sensory experiences, across emotional dance floor experimentation, fine art sound design and visual artefacts created to understand and process the insights of science.

Resident Advisor’s ‘Top Live Act’ 2015, 2013 and 2012, we had a chat with Max ahead of his upcoming Printworks London show on February 18th on the top five tracks that remind him of London.

1. Max Richter – Horizon Variations

β€œI’ve been to see Max play many times in London, and his work has been a big influence for me over the years. This is one of my favourite pieces of his. I usually have to play it a few times in a row.”

2. Tim Hecker – Chimeras

β€œI used to go to an old venue in Kilburn called the Luminaire. They had a lot of quality music and it was where I first had the pleasure of hearing Tim Hecker and being totally blown away by his capacity to titre on the edge of chaos! This was a highlight of that first show of his that I saw, and has been one of my favourite tracks ever since.”

3. Jimmy Edgar – Wanna Be Your STD

β€œIn the early 2000’s sometime I went with a few friends to one of the typical clubs in south London under the railway arches which smells a little strange and encourages a large night. We saw Jimmy Edgar, Milanese and Miss Kitten, and it was an epic. I’d never heard what Jimmy was bringing before, with some sort of US hiphop sex electronica filth. He’s a great producer, still featuring in my sets a lot.”

4. Fuck Buttons – Stalker

β€œI remember hearing this live under another arch in London, bringing the wall of incessant destruction to my ears. It’s a masterpiece. I’ve had some fun times wiping people out at gigs with this, there’s always a few who can’t hack it, sorry (not really)!”

5. Cinematic Orchestra – All Things To All Men Β 

β€œI remember seeing them play this and Roots Manuva arriving to do his part. It’s one of the few tracks I can think of where I appreciate the lyrics as much as the musicality.”

Catch Max Cooper at the Printworks February 18th.