Thursday 16 Feb

Paul Kalkbrenner Presents: Back To The Future 🗓

Entering totally new ground, Paul Kalkbrenner’s new ‘Back To The Future’ concept is based on his famous ‘Back To The Future’ mix tape series, a trilogy that highlights his personal history of electronic music’s arrival to Germany during his teenage years.

Renewing and digitalising all of his old music collection to sound fresh and new, Kalkbrenner has given his early back catalogue a makeover with all tracks sounding delectably current. Rolling Stone magazine described it as a “Viral Techno history lesson”. Whilst Mixmag said that Back To The Future is “A Musical account of Germany’s pivotal dance music scene”.

This experience will take you on a historical journey, but this is in no way a retro or old school show by any means. This is a celebration of where this music originated and where it is heading moving forward, henceforth ‘Back To The Future’. Electronic Groove explains that the concept “Exists to take listeners away from the everyday from the weekly grind into rapture – into art, ecstasy, absurdity, friendship, hope and love.”

Paul Kalkbrenner brings Back To The Future to London’s brand new cultural and music space Printworks for the very first time on April 29th.