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Wednesday 02 May

Printworks wins ‘best club’ in the Time Out Love London Awards – Interview

Thank you London for voting for Printworks as the capital’s best club in this year’s Time Out Love London Awards. Thank you to all who’ve been with us from the beginning and all who continue to support us and help this incredible space develop into something even bigger…

Read the full interview with Printworks’ Head of Development, Matthew Johnston, below.

How long has the venue been open?

Printworks opened in 2017. A lot of our attention in the first year was on electronic music which hadn’t really been done in London on that scale before, but we also hosted a huge range of events and worked with some great artists and brands. We had food events and orchestras, ballet and cabaret, music video shoots and fashion shows, and launches for the likes of Gorillaz and Nike.

From the start, our ambition was to be a home for culture generally; not just electronic music. We’ve recently opened a 3,000 capacity live venue within Printworks which will match the standards of our electronic events, and you’ll see some really exciting stuff happening this year across the arts spectrum.

Although electronic music will always be massively important to us, there’s so much more that makes Printworks brilliant. We’re committed to being one of the best cultural destinations in the world; a multipurpose stage for musicians, collectives and artistic endeavours, with a focus on local projects and the community as a whole. Plus, we firmly believe that being fully immersed in culture and the community generally can only benefit our electronic shows. 

Have you got any regulars? What are they like?

We have lots of regular faces and returning visitors. As the venue has such a diverse offering, some events obviously attract different audiences, whilst others enjoy seeing Printworks in its many different facades. Generally in London we’re seeing that music lovers aren’t split between fans of electronic events or live gigs – they’re interested in both, which is really exciting.

Many of our shows at the weekend run through the day too, so plenty of people come to the venue for an entire day and into the night. We’ve got a great food and drink offering at the venue with a lot of good partners on board so people can come down early, have a drink and delicious food before seeing some of the world’s biggest artists through the evening.

What’s your favourite thing about Printworks?

Still for us it’s the potential. Even though we’ve already come so far, there’s so much more we can offer to people, artists and the community. It’s just such a remarkable place. The sheer scale and size alone presents so many opportunities in terms of production. It’s a 16-acre site and a former major printing facility for London newspapers. It’s packed full of original features and printing press equipment, and is the most fantastic place to host creative and immersive events. It’s been a challenge, definitely, but we are honoured to be guiding the building through this. There is genuinely nothing else like it out there.

What’s the best night you’ve had at Printworks?

This is a tough one as there have been so many. When we open the doors of Printworks and see the reactions of people coming into the venue for the first time it’s pretty special – it’s just such a rewarding feeling seeing thousands of guests enjoying the experience you’ve put so much into. The Hydra shows are always fun – and personally, they’re my favourite musically. However, I think the most memorable moment was finally seeing live music in the new live space at Printworks. It was a 12 month project that had a lot of bumps along the road, and many people said live music couldn’t happen in a venue like Printworks given its complexity. But we never stopped believing in what we were trying to achieve, and have a brilliant team who made it happen. Seeing it come to life and having amazing feedback from artists, promoters and guests alike made it all worthwhile and something that we’ll never forget.

Why do you think people love Printworks so much?

Although London is spoilt when it comes to incredible electronic music, Printworks does stand out. There are no other venues in the city – or country – that can offer a mix of world class artists and production in such an impressive industrial setting to the scale that Printworks does. People love the uniqueness and authenticity of the space and the programming, and the fact it has the newest tech on the market. And our day events offer something different too – and immediately went down incredibly well.

At Broadwick Live our background is as much in festivals as it is in events, and we are pretty obsessed with overdelivering on experience and quality.  And we know that one of the reasons people loved Printworks when we opened it last year was because it was so new and so different, so we won’t stop surprising people. Essentially, our passion and objective is for people to be continually blown away by Printworks.

How does it feel to be voted best club in London?
We couldn’t be happier. Thank you! London is best city in the world, with the most exciting culture and the most brilliant communities, and to represent and reflect that is the best feeling in the world.