Friday 20 January

Void: The Exclusive Sound Of Room Two. 🗓

“Printworks in London is an amazing space that instantly captured our hearts. The industrial setting mirrors London’s underground music scene and is perfectly located near the center of the capital. The forthcoming events at Printworks feature some of the biggest names in the industry and we have specified a sound system to match the quality of the artists that will perform at the venue” – Jake Manley, UK sales manager at Void Acoustics.

The innovative team behind Void Acoustics, established in 2002 by founders Rog Mogale and Alex Skan have immersed themselves in the project with a no compromise approach. The team will design and install a custom sound system at Printworks with the aim of delivering as even a coverage as possible. The ability to achieve this feat is one of the hallmarks of a Void Acoustics sound system, which is able to unite everyone in the room and provide the audience with the same experience wherever they are.

One of the loudspeakers that will be installed in Printworks is the Air Motion; Void’s revolutionary three-way bi-amped sculpted loudspeaker array which sets an entirely new standard in audio aesthetics.

“When I designed the Air Motion, I threw away the box. No box, no resonance. I then selected the very best transducers I could find and matched them to horns with minimal coloration. I’m proud that we achieved a product totally without compromise, either sonically or visually,” Rog Mogale – Creative Director at Void Acoustics.

Void Acoustics Stasys 218 low frequency enclosures will be installed to deliver a thunderous and dynamic low end. The double 18″ reflex loaded low frequency enclosure is a phenomenal package with state-of-the-art performance that has well and truly left tradition behind.

Void Acoustics comprehensive range of installation products have become world renowned for their sonic perfection, reliability and revolutionary looks. Prominent installations include many of the largest and most prestigious clubs and venues around the world. Void is proud to be at the cutting edge of aural design, incorporating ground breaking technological advances with visual styling that harmoniously complements the surroundings.